Friday, May 22, 2009

Q & A

A few stupid questions and their equally stupid answers.

Q1. Why do I call myself luliana?
Ans : Many many years back, a person who goes by the name of Lianchungnunga, the self proclaimed leader (by virtue of being the only kid in our class who could verbally beat up all the other kids) of The Subri Group (Don't ask me the meaning of Subri. We were a stupid lot back then, and Subri was one of the many stupid words we coined. Actually, I realize it wasn't suppose to have a meaning at all. By the way, we later changed it to Rangers. And no, we were not a fan of The Power Rangers) said, "From this day onwards, you will be called luliana (big head). You will be the anointed one, the one with the big head. Your descendants will roam the face of this earth, and you shall live till the day you die".

I fully believe him. But the problem is, I haven't found the one to bear me all my descendants who will be roaming the face of this earth.

Q2. Is that my skull x-ray on the avatar?
Ans : No, it is not. I do not know whose skull it is. All I can say is that it's that of a child, probably less than ten years old. Just a wild guess.

Q3. What is zafirlukast, and why do I use it for my blog url?
Ans : Back in 2007 when I started this blog, I tried a few words for the blog url, but none of it was available. I was out of options, or rather patience, and so out came my medical dictionary, which by the way is my refuge when it comes to stupid, non-sense and literature-killing words. I started flipping the pages from the back, and zafirlukast was just a random choice, really. I would further like to emphasize here that there is no emotional, spiritual, political, historical, physical, chemical or biological relationship between zafirlukast and the contents of this blog.

And oh, zafirlukast is a leukotriene receptor antagonist, and mainly used in the treatment of asthma.

See, I told you there is no emotional, spiritual, political, historical, physical, chemical or biological relationship between zafirlukast and the contents of this blog.

Q4. Does the contents of this blog reflect my personality?
Ans : Maybe. Or maybe not. I just blog whatever comes to my mind. This blog is essentially a mixture of politics, spiritual posts and dirty jokes. So it's not possible to become a politician, a church leader and a joker all at the same time. That's what I used to think.

But think again. Being a Mizo, that might be possible, I think.

Q5. Do I like blogging?
Ans : Of course. What a stupid question anyway!!

Monday, May 11, 2009


(He article tha tak mai min pe tu hi ka nau duat em em, Sihphir tlangval fel leh hmeltha, tlang lawn hrat hmingthang Tv Peter Malsawmtluanga a ni a. College of Veterinary Science, Khanapara-a BVSc & AH 3rd year (2nd semester) zirlai a ni. Tin, a thupui 'Sarivaithun' leh 'Swine flu' inlaichinna hi hriatchhuah tumin tunah hian ngawrh takin research a bei leh mek niin amah hrechiang tuten an sawi - luliana).

Thianpa Lame-a (saptawng 'lame' nilovin Zo taka 'La-me-a'
ti a lam tur. Ani pawh hi Guwahati milar tho a ni a, a hmelthat leh thatloh chu a amah hmutute mitah a innghat thui hle. Chiang taka amah la hmu lo te hian a hmelthat hmel chu an ti ve leh zauh thin - luliana) class bang chu ka room-ah chuan rawn lut hlawlin, ka khumah chuan a let nghal tawp a. Ka room lum tak ti dai tura fan tih vir pah chuan ka thiana hmel chu ka va en zeuh a, a lo dang lap mai a. Vei a nei ani tih kan inzuina a rei tawh em avangin ka hre nghal mai a. Chhass lampang anih loh vek pawhin, thil bawn tawk tak vei a nei a ni tih ka hre nghal mai a. Ka zawh chiah ngam mai loh avangin ama rawn inpuan hun ka lo nghak tawp a. Thawk halh pahin zawi te hian, "Ninawm e...hmanni lawkah bird flu...tunah swine flu", a rawn ti chau nghalh a. "Vawksa ei a va khat leh dawn ve...", tihin a rawn zui nghal a. Tam tak chuan kan hrethiam lo a ni maithei e, mahse he ka thianpa, vawksa tui ti tak mai hian bird flu hri len laia sava tam tak tihrem an nih avanga arsa leh artui vang ta em em ang khan swine flu vang hian vawksa vang ve dawn riauva a hriat avangin a lo tuar lawk em em mai chu a lo ni a. A vawksa tui tih zia leh a heh zia (amahin Kg. khat hi chu tlemin a ei zo lo deuh) ka hriat chian em avangin ka khawngaih rilru khawp mai.

Tunhnai maia Mexico atanga rawn intai darh a, khawvel hmun hrang hrang a sulhnu nei tan mek, hri tihbaiawm tak swine flu hi vawksa ei nasa tak hnam kan nih avangin Mizote hian a chungchang kan hriat ngei a tha in ka hria. Mi za tam fe in nunna an chan tawh a, an la chan belh zel dawn ni pawhin a lang. He swine flu natna tihbaiawm tak hi engnge anih i han en chiang teh ang aw. (Vawk te hi scientific taka koh duat dawn chuan pig aiah swine tiin an ko mai thin).

Natna tlanglawn tak influenza chi hrang hrang zinga mi a ni a. Heng natna hrik (virus) kawrah hian protein chi hnih a awm a. Chung te chu Haemaglutinin (H) leh Neuraminidase (N) te an ni. Heng protein pianhmang te hi a natna hrik chi hrang hrang (strain) a zirin an danglam ve theuh a, scientist ten thliar hranna tangkai takah an hmang ve nghal zeih a ni. (swine flu a.k.a H1N1 ; bird flu kha H5N1 a ni e). He swine flu ang tak natna hian kum 1918 atanga 1919 khan Spain ram a nuai chiam mai a. Kum khat lek chhungin mi maktaduai 50 atanga maktaduai 100 chuangin nunna an chan anih kha. Spanish ho phei chuan he natna hi an la tih em em mai a, La Gripe Espanola emaw La pessadilla tiin a hming an phuah nghe nghe a ni. He Spanish flu leh hmanni lawka kan buaipui chiam mai bird flu nen khan a hnathawh dan pawh a in ang khawp mai.

Flu natna ho hnathawh dan hi a in ang tlangpui deuh vek a. Thawkna (respiratory system) lampang khawih buai chi an ni deuh vek. A natna hrik hian chuap timur (cell) an bei hmasa ber a. Chuap timur te hian beih an nih takah chuan taksa raldo sipai te hmunpui (immune system) lam an han hriat tir vat a, an ni in chuap chhan turin taksa raldo sipai hrang hrang (leucocytes, cytokines etc) an rawn thawn nghek mai a. Heng thisen var (leucocytes) te hi tam tham taka immune system in a rawn thawn avangin chuapah chuan an han inhnawh nghek a, an tam em avang chuan chuap timur te pawh chu anmahni lamtang an ni tih hre hauh lovin an bei ve leh ta ringawt a. Chuap timur te tihchhiat an lo nih takah chuan, tuihnang chi hrang hrang felfai taka taksa hmun hrang hranga awm thin te kha taksa organ chi hrang hrang te chu an chiahpiah ta zuih mai a. Hei hian a veitu mihring tan thawk a ti har em em mai a ni. Chumai bakah a veitu mihringte chu khawsik te, khuh te, lu na te, tihrawl leh ruh inzawmna na te, hrawk na te, hnap tawlh reng te a neih tir a. Thenkhatah phei chuan luak leh kawthalo in a thawk thin bawk. Enkawlna mumal tak pek an nih loh phei chuan an thihpui mai thin. (8th May 2009, GMT 16:00 thleng khan khawvel ram hrang hrang 25 ah swine flu case 2500 finfiah ani tawh).

Heng natna hrik leh an hnathawh te bei tur hian damdawi (anti-viral) chi hnih - Oseltamivir & Zanamivir (Tamiflu) leh Amantadine & Rimantadine a awm a. Tun dinhmunah hi chuan khawvelin a la thlamuanpui khawp mai. Amaherawhchu, Pathian remruat ve reng reng nge he swine flu natna hrik tun hnaia rawn leng chiam te hian Amantadine & Rimantadine damdawi hnathawh hi enga tan mah an ngai tawh lo.

Tun nilaini khan khawvela mihringte hriselna lampang enkawltu pawl inzawmkhawm lian ber World Health Organisation chuan thuchhuah an siam a. An thupuangtu Dick Thompson chuan he natna hian vawksa ei mi te a tihthlabar em avang leh vawksa kaihhnawih sumdawnnna reilote chhunga a tihchhiat chak em avangin, a hming swine flu tih chu official takin Influenza A (H1N1) ti a thlak ni se a ti a. Tin, WHO hian vawksa ei atanga a natna mihringa inkaichhawnna case hi a la hmu lo hrim hrim bawk a ni. WHO meuhin hetianga thuchhuah a siam tak mai nachhan hi Egypt a vawk 300,000 chuang tun nilaini a finfiahna awm miah lo leh mawlmang taka tihrem an nih vang te pawh kha a ni ta ve ang. Egypt hi Muslim ram a ni a, vawksa an ei lo. A rama cheng ve Kristian tlemte te tan Muslim loneitu thenkhat ten eizawnnan vawk an vulh ve thin a ni. Muslim kulmuk thenkhat te chuan an huat em em Christian te tiboral tura an sa thiang lo (vawksa) hmanga Allah hmalaknaah an lo ngai ve hmiah thung. Fimkhur thu hlaah vawk thisawn emaw chin hriatloh a thi sa ei loh chu a him ber tho ve.

Heng thu ka hrilh hnu chuan hlim takin ka thianpa Lame-a nen chua Ganeshguri-an in contri a vawksa lei turin kan phei dun ta a.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

To whom it may concern

These past few days had been wonderful, exciting, and to some extent, too good to be true. Maybe things happened too fast, and I was literally out of control. I lost my principles, the very guiding force which had propelled me to where I stood a few days back. It was probably the best thing which had happened to me all these years. Until one single moment of pure stupidity!!

I didn't think before I act. My mind was clouded and polluted with evil. And although this was the first time I had committed a sin of such magnitude, I now stand at a junction where I could lose everything. Lose a friendship, lose myself, my confidence, trust, self-esteem. But the worse part is that I offend and hurt someone who happens to be the last person on this earth that I would ever want to hurt!

I am not here to make an excuse for my actions, for I clearly know that there is none. I know that it's my fault. All mine! I should never have allowed the evil in me to express itself. Maybe it hit me on a weak point which I never knew existed inside me before. But even then, I should have been prepared for everything, including the unseen. And I hate myself for being such a weakling. I made a scar, a potential obstacle and a dirty reminder for the future. A big ugly scar which could probably hurt a person for a long long time. I am helpless, for I cannot change the past, and I guess I have to be prepared to face whatever the consequence may be.

The ball is not in my hands. Help me, O dear Lord! All I am asking is for a chance to prove myself once again. It may take days, weeks, or even years. I don't care, as long as I get the chance within this life-time. And if I ever do commit such a mistake again, I might as well just vanish never to be seen or heard again. This is a prayer, a promise I make with utmost sincerity from the bottom of my heart.